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Nexus Mutual is a decentralized insurance alternative that allows members to join and share risk. Members can purchase cover products that protect against different kinds of risk. The Nexus Mutual protocol is built on Ethereum and provides the infrastructure for members to buy cover, underwrite risk, assess claims, and build risk management businesses.

The Nexus Mutual DAO operates as a discretionary mutual - people can join, share risk, and enjoy the benefits of membership. Members coordinate with one another through the Nexus Mutual protocol.

For more information on how the protocol operates, see the Protocol section.

In the following pages within the Overview section, you can learn about membership, cover products, the Mutual's claims history, and access various resources.

Teams supporting the protocol

The Foundation and Nexus Mutual DAO members contribute to the protocol to further development, create awareness, and increase adoption. Third parties can also request grant funding to make independent contributions or help further development of the protocol.

The Foundation

The Foundation is a community interest company (CIC) that supports the protocol and is made up of the Engineering, Business Development, and Product teams. These teams receive external funding from the Foundation.

The Foundation exists to maintain the Nexus Mutual protocol and user interface; promote product development; and provide support to prospective and existing members.

Nexus Mutual DAO

Everyone who goes through the membership process becomes a Nexus Mutual DAO member. Members can contribute to the protocol in a variety of ways, which are all reviewed in detail within the Protocol section.

Members can also participate in protocol governance to decide proposals regarding the protocol and Capital Pool investments. There are DAO teams that work on behalf of all members to create awareness about the Mutual and increase adoption of the protocol. To receive funding from the DAO treasury, these teams use the Nexus Mutual DAO Proposal process, which uses Snapshot governance.