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Cover Products

Members can purchase cover products that protect against different kinds of risk. Currently, the Mutual offers a variety of cover products for crypto-native risks. The protocol does support product development for new types of cover, such as cover for real world risk and other types of crypto-native risk.

Members can choose from various crypto-native cover products:

  • Protocol Cover. For crypto assets deposited in a single protocol deployed on EVM-compatible networks.
    • Protection against a range of loss events caused by smart contract code bugs/errors and Sudden and Severe Economic Events, which include oracle manipulation or failure, severe liquidation failures, or governance takeovers.
  • ETH Slashing Cover. For node and validator operators who are managing staked ETH.
    • Protection against slashing penalties.
  • Quota Share Cover. For crypto-native cover providers and other protection providers.
    • Protection for underlying risk covered by a cover provider.

In the following pages, you can learn more about each of Nexus Mutual's cover products and the development process for new cover products.