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ETH Slashing Cover

Organizations that run ETH validators and help secure the Ethereum network are exposed to slashing risks, which can be caused by improper actions such as double-signing, surround voting, downtime, and infrastructure and setup failure.

Covered risks

When you run ETH validators and have active ETH Slashing Cover, you are protected against losses that occur during the cover period where one or more of the covered validators incur penalties greater than the deductible in any continuous 40 day period.

Cover wording

For more information, read the full terms and conditions of Nexus Mutual’s ETH Slashing Cover.

Nexus Mutual’s claim assessors use this cover wording as a reference when considering any claim.

Proof of loss

When an organization purchases ETH Slashing Cover, they provide the validator numbers they want covered in a csv file, which is stored on IPFS.

If a validator, or validators, suffer penalties or missed rewards, they will provide the list of impacted validators and the corresponding loss for each validator.

Claims process

After a validator, or validators, suffer a loss, your organization can contact the product team, who can assist in calculating the loss amount(s).

  1. Once the losses have been calculated, your organization can file a claim in the Nexus Mutual user interface.
  2. You will submit a calculation of losses by providing a file of impacted validators and their losses by slot/epoch.
    • This should equal the claim amount being requested after the deductible is accounted for.
  3. Claim assessors can then reference this information against or to verify the loss calculations.

For a review of the Claims assessment process, see the Claims Assessment section.

Get a quote

Organizations interested in protecting their validators can fill out this contact form and the business development team will contact you to explore tailored cover options and pricing.