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Real World Risk

The Nexus Mutual protocol provides the infrastructure for members to build risk management businesses.

Members with real world risk and pricing expertise can work with the product team to offer new cover products that expand the mutual’s offerings to include real world cover products.

Product development

The protocol serves as an infrastructure layer that others can build on top of to create new cover products and launch staking pools that underwrite new risks – including real world risk.

Members who have real world risk and pricing expertise can launch a staking pool and work to develop new cover products, which could potentially include:

  • Directors and officers cover
  • Errors and omissions cover
  • Cyber liability cover
  • Weather derivative cover
  • Wildfire cover

Those interested in developing a new cover product and managing a staking pool (i.e., risk management business) can fill out this contact form.

After you submit your inquiry, the product team will contact you to explore potential cover product development for the risk(s) you are interested in offering through the Nexus Mutual protocol.